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You actually can make run faster

UPDATE: now we have vacuum mail

So the trick I posted 13 months ago didn’t work for me, though it did for some people.

Here is one that actually does work: A faster way to speed up from Hawk Wings.

First off, it is trivial, run this after backing up…

sqlite3 "~/Library/Mail/Envelope Index" vacuum;

from a command line in OS X.

It reduced the sqlite3 DB from 50,760kb to 47,976kb which isn’t a lot, but then that isn’t the point is it?

What it did do was an almost magic speedup of’s operation. Opening my inbox used to take 10-15 seconds the first time and about 5 seconds after that. Downloading email took about 1-3 seconds per message. I open my inbox in less than 2 seconds the first time and pretty much instantly after than, I can download email at rate of about 3 messages per second (that’s almost 10x faster).

It is like a new application.

I think I’ve solved my problem :-)

The one-minute UPDATE: and search is actually usable… ah, so this is why people keep saying how great and fast searching is….


Written by hutch

March 5, 2007 at 4:08 pm

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